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标题: 诚聘兼职会计/行政助理职位 [打印本页]

作者: admin    时间: 2018/9/11 18:34     标题: 诚聘兼职会计/行政助理职位

Glendale公司诚聘全职或兼职会计/行政助理职位(工作时长灵活)。 有竞争力的薪资。


可靠,注重细节,有组织,自我激励; 1年以上会计/簿记经验者优先考虑。

职责:支付账单和维护分类账; 存取款; 协调银行账户和信用卡对账单; 协助处理工资单; 为公司创建和维护多个报告; 审核文件;


根据需要履行其他职责。 有意者请致电623-308-7514。

Glendale business is looking to fill a part-time(flexible hours) Accounting/Administrative Assistant position. Competitive Salary.

Qualifications: Excellent computer skills and experience with Microsoft products (must be strong in Excel);

Reliable, Detail-oriented, Organized, Self-motivated; 1+ years Accounting/bookkeeping experience preferred.

Responsibilities: Pay bills and maintain ledgers; Make bank deposits; Reconcile bank accounts and credit card statements; Assist in processing payroll; Create and maintain multiple reports for the company; Audit files;

Perform other office duties as needed. If interested, please call 623-308-7514.

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